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No more profiting from climate change

Australia’s major banks are amongst the corporations that still make significant contributions to propping up the use of fossil fuels. Help us to encourage the banks to take stronger action to stop supporting the use of fossil fuels and instead finance the shift we need to a net-zero emission future.

Taking action to end family violence

In March 2021, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs presented their 425-page report following their investigation into family, domestic and sexual violence. The Committee made 88 recommendations. Help us advocate for a whole of society response to address domestic and sexual violence.

The Unfinished Struggle to End Slavery

Modern slavery remains a significant global problem. One example is the Australian Strategic Policy Institute report which revealed that at least 27 factories in nine Chinese provinces had used labour since 2017. Those factories claim to be part of the supply chain of more than 80 global brands. Help us advocate for measures to addressing the importation of all goods and services produced by modern slavery wherever they originate from, not just China.

Protecting Human Rights Online

As technology has developed, it has improved our ability to share information and be more connected. The online world has created many positive outcomes in our lives but has its negative side. Technology has provided new tools to those seeking to harm others, including those who engage in child sexual abuse. Help us make the online world a safer place and prevent human rights abuses.

This Month's Resource Highlights

  • Modern Slavery Flyer or Congregations

    What is Modern Slavery? How do I find creditable products? Can I asset my risk own of contributing to Modern Slavery? A resource to help you become informed about Modern Slavery and what to do about it.

  • Climate Justice Resources (April 2021)

    The latest list of climate justice resource for April 2021, including: community grants, resources for advocacy and initiatives to manage your own (and community) impact.

  • Statement from the Heart Flyer or Congregations

    A new resource from the Uniting Church in Vic/Tas exploring the Statement from the Heart. As a group or on your own, learn about Voice.Treaty.Truth and what a pathway towards justice chosen by First Nations people could look be.

  • Public Good Flyer for Congregations

    What does public good mean to you? Become involved in a new project setting a new national agenda on the public good, while connecting across organisations who work collaboratively where people and planet come first.

  • Feedback on JIM Issues

    The Justice and International Mission cluster regularly seeks feedback from its supporters, that’s you, to help us prioritise the issues we should take action on. Results from our February poll are now available.

The Uniting Church in Australia is committed to acting justly and compassionately in the world. We believe that our participation in God’s mission calls us toward the transformation that God desires for us all, marked by reconciliation, love, justice, peace, abundance and flourishing for all people and the whole earth. In this document the Uniting Church in Australia has articulated its vision for a just, compassionate and inclusive nation in this 2019 statement and resource.

The Uniting Church in Australia has outlined a set of principles and key actions that will guide the way to a better future as Australia recovers from the corona virus pandemic. There is much we have learned through this pandemic about who we are as a nation, our vulnerabilities and our strengths. Drawing upon these learnings and the values articulated in our vision, we believe we have an opportunity to create a better future where all people and all creation can flourish.

Previous Resources

  • 2021 JIM Calendar

    2021 Social Justice Calendar

    The JIM Cluster’s 2021 Social Justice Calendar is now available, click to download.

  • Feedback on Justice and International Mission Cluster work areas

    Each year the Justice and International Mission cluster is keen to get feedback from its supporters, that is you, about what issues you would like us to resource you to take action on. Please download and complete this form by ticking the box that indicates your level of support for the issues listed and return it to us via email or mail by 31st January 2021

  • Children, climate action

    Climate Justice with and for children and youth in churches

    Climate change affects every aspect of child rights. Only joint efforts at every level will enable us to bend the CO2 emissions curve and protect our planet for future generations. This toolkit provides resources for churches, church-run schools, and summer camps to support intergenerational climate and environmental justice and promote care for children by stopping further global warming. All churches are encouraged to promote education and action to address climate change, reduce CO2 emissions, and protect the environment in their activities for and with children and youth.

  • Taskforce

    Synod Taskforce on Climate Change Action

    The JIM Cluster is seeking expressions of interest from people who would like to be part of a Taskforce on Climate Change Action. The purpose of the Taskforce is to identify, encourage and support implementation of measures across the Synod, including congregations, to reduce the Synod’s greenhouse gas emissions.

    To lodge an expression of interest, please e-mail, phone or text Mark Zirnsak, Senior Social Justice Advocate on 0409 166 915 or Please lodge your expression of interest by Friday 30 October.

Need more resources?

With have archived documents and files that could help you in your justice work. Please let us know what you are looking for and we can help.

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Fighting for social change takes courage and strategy.

As a church we want to stand up for what we believe in, we want to see real change. 


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