This Month's Letter Writing Actions

Warning Labels needed to prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Letters are urgently needed to be sent to the relevant Victorian Ministers urging that they listen to the advice of public health experts when it comes to effectual warning labels to help prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FADS).

The Future must remain Renewable

Carbon capture and storage means trying to catch greenhouse gas emissions and store them, such as sealing them in underground caves. The Government has indicated its support for the recommendation. The JIM Cluster is deeply concerned that the recommendation will divert funds away from supporting the transition to renewable energy, to prop up fossil fuel corporations.

Corporate Tax avoidance in Developing Counties

Take action to express concern at the impact tax avoidance by multinational corporations has on the wellbeing of people in developing countries, especially as the impact of the COVID-19 crisis is hitting developing countries.

Protecting Children Online

As technology has developed, it has improved our ability to share information and be more connected. This has created many positive outcomes in our lives but has its negative side. Technology has provided new tools to those that seek to do harm to others, including those who engage in child sexual abuse. Take action to prevent child sexual abuse in the online world.

Our Vision for a Just Australua

The Uniting Church in Australia is committed to acting justly and compassionately in the world. We believe that our participation in God’s mission calls us toward the transformation that God desires for us all, marked by reconciliation, love, justice, peace, abundance and flourishing for all people and the whole earth. In this document the Uniting Church in Australia has articulated its vision for a just, compassionate and inclusive nation in this 2019 statement and resource.

A Just Recovery Post COVID-19

The Uniting Church in Australia has outlined a set of principles and key actions that will guide the way to a better future as Australia recovers from the corona virus pandemic. There is much we have learned through this pandemic about who we are as a nation, our vulnerabilities and our strengths. Drawing upon these learnings and the values articulated in our vision, we believe we have an opportunity to create a better future where all people and all creation can flourish.

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