Humanitarian Intake

As a wealthy country, Australia should be willing to play a leading role in providing protection to refugees who have been forced to flee their homes, and reunite people with their families. Take action to support an increase in the number of humanitarian places Australia offers to 25,000 by 2024.


Pathways to Permanency for Refugees on Temporary Visas

Both the TPV and SHEV temporary visas have no allowance for sponsoring family members. This means that people found to be refugees but only given temporary visas cannot bring their spouses orbchildren to live with them. Providing a clear and attainable pathway to a permanent visa and family reunion would greatly alleviate the mental distress they are now enduring and would help maximise the contributions they will be able to make to Australia.

#June 2021

Seeking justice for people seeking asylum in Australia

The Commonwealth Ombudsman reported in early 2019 complaints of injury as a result of excessive use of force by private detention officers employed by Serco, a detention centre contractor for the Australian Government. They concluded the use of force was outside of standard operating procedures and appeared unlawful. Take action to protect people in immigration detention form acts of violence both, physical and threatened.