Compassion for People Seeking Asylum

Our Vision: We are a nation of diverse cultures, languages, faiths, ethnic groups and experiences. We celebrate and value the strength of this diversity. We see this diversity reflected in our leaders, key decision makers, institutions, industry, sports and media. We are a compassionate nation, where every person who seeks refuge here is treated fairly and made to feel welcome and safe – regardless of their country of origin or mode of arrival.


Our hopes:

  • All people experience the same rights and can play the role they wish, free from preconceptions, stereotypes and discrimination.
  • A person’s race, religion or cultural background is no barrier to them living, working and participating as an equal member of society.
  • Our society’s diversity is celebrated. Racial discrimination and fear are no longer used to win political favour.
  • People who come to Australia – either as migrants, refugees or people seeking asylum – are treated equally and fairly.
  • Safe resettlement pathways exist in our region for people who seek asylum.
  • People who come to Australia seeking asylum are given the opportunity to apply for protection in a safe and timely manner and are provided with appropriate support. Detention is a last resort and length of detention is capped to not more than 90 days.
  • Our humanitarian intake is generous and responsive to global needs.
  • Our fair and compassionate treatment of people who seek safety on our shores reflects a compassionate and caring nation.
  • Our leaders set an example by showing fairness and compassion and enacting policy that is humane.
justice for refugees