May 2020 Letter Writing Actions

Protecting Environmental Activism in Cambodia

As part of our work on climate change, the JIM cluster believes it is vital that we seek the
protection of people who are standing up against environmental destruction. We will be inviting you to take action in support of such people. The following action focuses on seeing the protection of environmental defenders in Cambodia.

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Superannuations and Climate change

The moves towards a zero greenhouse gas emissions future will be hampered if investors keep
backing fossil fuel projects and corporations. Therefore, it is disappointing that almost all
superannuation funds remain heavily invested in fossil fuel corporations.

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Supporting Visa Holders Facing Domestic Violence

One group of people that need additional protection are people in Australian on temporary visas where the ability to stay in Australia is dependent on the sponsorship of their partner. A person on certain temporary visa types who suffer family violence are at risk of visa cancellation or visa refusal if they separate from a perpetrator or report the abuse to police

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Payday Lenders

Every week, community and consumer advocates speak to people trapped in payday
lending debt. For years, they have been campaigning to stop the debt trap and harm caused by payday lenders. Australia already has one of the highest rates of household debt in the world. The COVID-19 crisis threatens to make that worse.

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