August 2020 Letter Writing Actions

Building a Just Peace to the Israel – Palestine Conflict

Help us campaign on cases where Israeli soldiers or police have murdered Palestinian civilians and have not been brought to justice. These soldiers and police are very rarely held to account in any way for their actions by the Israeli authorities.

Decent Jobs for People from the Pacific on Australian Farms

Our Pacific neighbours have growing problems with unemployment due to limited opportunities for economic development. Help us campaign for fair and just treatment for Pacific workers coming to Australia through government programs so they are not exploited.

Raising the Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility to 14

Children need to be loved and supported so they can reach their full potential and not locked up. Between 65-70% of children imprisoned under 14 are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. Help us raise the minimum age of criminal culpability from 10 to 14.

July 2020 JustAct Newsletter

July 2020 Letter Writing Actions

The Future must remain Renewable

Carbon capture and storage means trying to catch greenhouse gas emissions and store them, such as sealing them in underground caves. The Government has indicated its support for the recommendation. The JIM Cluster is deeply concerned that the recommendation will divert funds away from supporting the transition to renewable energy, to prop up fossil fuel corporations.

Corporate Tax avoidance in Developing Counties

Take action to express concern at the impact tax avoidance by multinational corporations has on the wellbeing of people in developing countries, especially as the impact of the COVID-19 crisis is hitting developing countries.

Warning Labels needed to prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Letters are urgently needed to be sent to the relevant Victorian Ministers urging that they listen to the advice of public health experts when it comes to effectual warning labels to help prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FADS).

Protecting Children Online

As technology has developed, it has improved our ability to share information and be more connected. This has created many positive outcomes in our lives but has its negative side. Technology has provided new tools to those that seek to do harm to others, including those who engage in child sexual abuse. Take action to prevent child sexual abuse in the online world.

May 2020 JustAct Newsletter

May 2020 Letter Writing Actions

Payday Lenders

Every week, community and consumer advocates speak to people trapped in payday
lending debt. For years, they have been campaigning to stop the debt trap and harm caused by payday lenders. Australia already has one of the highest rates of household debt in the world. The COVID-19 crisis threatens to make that worse.

Protecting Environmental Activism in Cambodia

As part of our work on climate change, the JIM cluster believes it is vital that we seek the
protection of people who are standing up against environmental destruction. We will be inviting you to take action in support of such people. The following action focuses on seeing the protection of environmental defenders in Cambodia.

Superannuations and Climate change

The moves towards a zero greenhouse gas emissions future will be hampered if investors keep backing fossil fuel projects and corporations. Therefore, it is disappointing that almost all superannuation funds remain heavily invested in fossil fuel corporations.

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