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Palm Sunday - Walk for Justice 

The 2022 Melbourne Walk for Justice and Freedom for Refugees will be on Sunday 10 April at 2pm, commencing at the State Library (music from 1.30pm).  People from all faith groups, community organisations and unions are invited to join the Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees, bringing banners and other messages of support in solidarity with refugees and people seeking asylum.   After our speakers, including the Rev Tim Costello AO, a speaker with lived experience of living on a TPV, and a panel of faith speakers, the Walk will proceed to the Park Hotel.  There will be an address from one of the refugees still held in the hotel, and Arnold Zable, then more music, and a wrap up speaker.

We look forward to seeing members of your group standing with others in solidarity with refugees on Palm Sunday. Please share the Facebook event


Stop this War in Ukraine
We stand with the people of Ukraine and Russia who do not want this war. Putin’s invasion is not just an attack on Ukraine. It is an attack on freedom. An attack on democracy. An attack on truth. We urge you to respond with unity, holding Putin’s regime in Moscow and its associates, cheerleaders and supporters to account by imposing far-reaching sanctions, and doing all you can to stop the war in Ukraine.  Add your voice to this global open letter, and share it everywhere. When we reach enough signatures, Avaaz will publish our call in international media. In this hour of need, let's show that the whole world stands with the people of Ukraine!




JIM Convention - Our Climate is Changing: Do We?
We are witnessing a rapidly growing scientific understanding of the need to act urgently on environmental challenges we face. The Justice and International Mission Convention revisits where the Uniting Church can continue to make a difference in how Australia impacts environment issues. At this Convention we will particularly consider the issue of whether technological developments will enable us to continue with our current lifestyles without unsustainable harm being done to our planet. The alternative possibility is that we will need to significantly change our lifestyle. Join us and be part of the conversation to inform the future direction of the Uniting Church’s social justice mission as we unpack the urgency of climate change we are all facing.When: Sat 30th Apr 2022, 9:00 am - 4:15 pm AEST
Where: Uniting Church Centre for Theology & Ministry, 29 College Cres, Parkville VIC 3052
Cost: $10 - $40
Register: Here


ANZAC Day Service of Lament

A Service of lament, repentance and hope to lament the violence and destruction of First Nation people and Communities since European settlement, and the pain and anguish suffered by their descendants as a result of Colonisation, To also pray for peace and for those who are suffering from the wars in Ukraine, Myanmar, Yemen and other places.

When: 11am, ANZAC day 25th April, 2022
Where: St Paul's Cathedral, Flinders Street, Melbourne

Health and Environmental Sustainability Conference

The ANMF (Vic Branch) Health and Environmental Sustainability Conference returns in 2022 as a face-to-face event! Gain invaluable insight and inspiration into how we can improve environmental sustainability at work, at home and in our communities. Join together with a growing movement of health professionals who are changing the way we deliver health. Health and the environment are intrinsically linked. Sustainability initiatives work to improve current health practices and support better health within the community in wider use.

When: May 13, 2022 at 8:30am - 3:45pm AEST
Where: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf , VIC 3006
Register: Here


Federal Election Resource 2022

Based on the Uniting Church Assembly Resource ‘Our Vision for a Just Australia’, a resource for the upcoming federal election has been created to assist as you consider your vote. It also links to further information, and discussion points to being a conversation with your local candidate.

Click here to download


Lessons from Covid19 for the Climate Emergency

The global impact of Covid-19 is acknowledged, especially for those on the margins.This crisis is contrasted with the developing climate crisis which now threatens the whole Earth and the existence of humanity. The world is approaching irreversible tipping-points, which present an urgent challenge to all societies. How are we to respond? How are the wealthy, the comfortable to respond? While some leaders say that the cost is too great to the economy, others insist that for the sake of the Earth, humanity and all species we must act immediately. This is a series of short videos for discussion by small groups and congregations to assist in responding to the Climate Emergency. Developed by the Environmental Action Group, in cooperation with UCFAMS and support from the South Australian Synod.

Click to access these resources


Tearfund Climate Report

In 2021 Tearfund commissioned this in-depth study of the views of young adult Christians, church leaders and the wider Australian community. It offers insights for healing the growing generational and geographical divide on climate change within the Church. This summary presents the key findings of the report.

Download the report here

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