Church People Murdered and Harassed in the Philippines

Murders of church people have occurred in the Duterte Administration’s ‘drug war’, which has seen thousands of extrajudicial executions. Those responsible for the murders of church people, human rights defenders, environmentalists, and social justice advocates are very rarely held to account. Help us take action to make it clear murders, intimidation and harassment of human rights defenders are unacceptable and those responsible will be held to account.


Building a Just Peace to the Israel – Palestine Conflict

Help us campaign on cases where Israeli soldiers or police have murdered Palestinian civilians and have not been brought to justice. These soldiers and police are very rarely held to account in any way for their actions by the Israeli authorities.


Corporate Tax avoidance in Developing Counties

Take action to express concern at the impact tax avoidance by multinational corporations has on the wellbeing of people in developing countries, especially as the impact of the COVID-19 crisis is hitting developing countries.


Protecting Environmental Activism in Cambodia

As part of our work on climate change, the JIM cluster believes it is vital that we seek the
protection of people who are standing up against environmental destruction. We will be inviting you to take action in support of such people. The following action focuses on seeing the protection of environmental defenders in Cambodia.