Alcohol Reforms Bill

Help raise concern at the increase in alcohol-fuelled harm in the Victorian community. There is a strong association between the provision of alcohol people have delivered to their homes and the level of family violence in an area. The Victorian Government has introduced the Liquor Control Reform Amendment Bill 2021 into Parliament. The number of liquor licences in Victoria has increased six-fold over the past 35 years, and continues to rise at a rate outstripping population growth.


Protecting Children Online

As technology has developed, it has improved our ability to share information and be more connected. This has created many positive outcomes in our lives but has its negative side. Technology has provided new tools to those that seek to do harm to others, including those who engage in child sexual abuse. Take action to prevent child sexual abuse in the online world.


Taking action to end family violence

In March 2021, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs presented their 425-page report following their investigation into family, domestic and sexual violence. The Committee made 88 recommendations. Help us advocate for a whole of society response to address domestic and sexual violence.


Warning Labels needed to prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Letters are urgently needed to be sent to the relevant Victorian Ministers urging that they listen to the advice of public health experts when it comes to effectual warning labels to help prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FADS).