Flourishing Communities

Our vision: We live in communities where we are connected and we care for one another. In communities all over Australia, from our big cities to remote regions, we seek the well-being of each Australian and uplift those who are on the margins.


Our hopes:

  • We are connected. There is a high level of social participation. People feel a strong sense of identity and of belonging.
  • We create safe spaces in our homes, in the wider community, online and in our places of faith.
  • Rural and remote communities thrive. They have access to basic services, including health, education and technology.
  • There is wide representation in our decision-making from different ages, cultures, abilities, religion, gender and geography. People are free to express their own ideas.
  • People with disability in Australia fully participate in society. They can choose the services and support they need to live a full life.
  • Our lifestyle and culture promote good mental health and our Government, workplaces and communities have policies and practices which support this.
  • All people can access the essential services they need, including younger and older generations, people at the end of life, people with disabilities, First Peoples and people vulnerable to violence.
  • Vulnerable people receive the support they need, whether that is protection from violence, quality care, medical services or harm reduction services.