Crown Casino Reforms

In October 2021, The Royal Commission made 33 recommendations to rein in the unethical excesses that resulted from decisions by Crown Casino’s owners, board and managers. The way those recommendations are implement need maximise the prevention of further harm inflicted by Crown’s management on the people who gamble there. Write to hold Crown Casio to account.


Tasmanian Housing Reforms

Access to housing directly impacts a person’s ability to participate in community. More safe, affordable and secure housing is urgently needed in Tasmania as targeted support for vulnerable people. Write to encourage the Tasmanian Government to build on its announcements for housing support, and go to even further.


Ending Credit Gambling

Contribute to implementing a ban on credit card and digital wallet gambling. Gambling businesses continue to profit from the vulnerability of people, particularly online gambling corporations. Gambling with credit is more likely to result in people being harmed. While the four major banks have offered some forms of assistance to people being harmed by gambling, they have so far declined to stop extending credit for people to gamble online.


Preventing Australia being a haven for those involved in human rights abuses and grand corruption

Too many lawyers, accountants, and real estate agents in Australia are willing to look the other way when they are involved with shifting funds stolen from developing countries into Australia. Currently, these professionals and businesses have no obligation to report suspicious transactions to the police, unlike banks. Some of these professionals actively assist in setting up arrangements that can facilitate criminal activity and conceal the real controllers of assets.

#June 2021

Government Chooses Mining Over Homelessness

The Government has decided to prioritise support for gas corporations over meeting community needs, such as housing, in its last budget. Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, there were 116,000 homeless people in Australia, and more than 800,000 people struggled to pay rent. The recent budget announced a $41.3 million reduction in funding for homelessness services from July 2021, and an increase to mining funding worth over $130 million. Help us get the Government’s priorities to benefit those who need it the most.


Creating more jobs and safer social housing with energy efficiency upgrades

Social housing is provided to people on low incomes or with particular needs by government agencies or not-for-profit organisations. Energy efficiency upgrades are one of the most cost-effective measures to reduce emissions while also creating jobs. Help us create a fairer and more sustainable social housing sector.


Ending Gambling Advertising on SBS

Gambling advertising seeks to maximise profits for gambling corporations on the losses of people who too frequently cannot afford it. SBS has played an essential role in community TV for more than 40 years, but continues to air gambling advertisements on its service. Express your concern over gambling advertising on the SBS.


Preventing Exploitable Agricultural Visas

In June 2021 the Federal Government announced the introduction of a new seasonal agriculture worker visa. The visa will allow people from the ten Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries to work on Australian farms. There are concern that some Australian farming industry bodies will actively lobby to ensure a minimum of safeguards on the visa against exploitation. Help ensure new agricultural visa have proper safeguards against exploitation.


Digital Corporations Profiteering off Covid

Digital corporations providing online services have benefited as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sales on Amazon increased by 26% to $98 billion in the first three months of 2020. Meanwhile, 500 million people are expected to have been pushed into poverty by the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Help us convince the government to introduce legislation addressing growing inequality in the world, and lift people out of poverty.


Decent Jobs for People from the Pacific on Australian Farms

Our Pacific neighbours have growing problems with unemployment due to limited opportunities for economic development. Help us campaign for fair and just treatment for Pacific workers coming to Australia through government programs so they are not exploited.


End Online Gambling Using Credit

Gambling businesses continue to profit from the vulnerability of people, particularly online gambling corporations. Australian law now prohibits online gambling corporations from offering credit to people to gamble. However, people can still gamble with money they do not have using bank issued credit cards. Help us make the major banks aware that the broader community want them to act and end the use of the credit cards they issue for gambling.


Payday Lenders

Every week, community and consumer advocates speak to people trapped in payday
lending debt. For years, they have been campaigning to stop the debt trap and harm caused by payday lenders. Australia already has one of the highest rates of household debt in the world. The COVID-19 crisis threatens to make that worse.