An Economy for Life

Our Vision: Our government makes economic decisions that put people first: decisions that are good for creation, that lift people out of poverty and fairly share our country’s wealth. The economy serves the well-being and flourishing of all people.


Our hopes:

  • Everyone has a roof over their heads and food on the table.
  • People and families struggling to make ends meet are not degraded, diminished, demonised or driven into poverty. We support each other through our relationships and our economic system.
  • We have a fair distribution of wealth supported by a fair tax system. Everyone contributes taxes so we can have the country we want.
  • We have a social security system that supports people who have retired, those with disabilities, those raising children and those locked out of the paid employment market.
  • Those that have more wealth contribute more and there are no loopholes. Corporations give back to our common wealth too. We all play by the same set of rules, contributing according to our means.
    • Taxes collected by governments deliver the things ordinary people care most about, including
    • All children can receive a quality education from their local school
    • Universities and TAFEs are there for all students, not just the fortunate
    • Health, transport and other essential services are well funded and meet the needs of their communities.
Hope St