Climate Change Consultation

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What position should the Synod take in response to climate change?

The Synod of Victoria and Tasmania meetings have passed resolutions relevant to climate change since 1977. However, the last resolution of a Synod meeting that directly addressed the issue of climate change was in 2008. Members of the Synod congregations have been expressing greater concern to the Justice and International Mission (JIM) cluster that the Synod needs to play a more significant role in responding to climate change.  The JIM cluster believes there is a need for the Synod to update its position on the urgency of addressing the causes of climate change and the actions that need to be taken in response.

The consultation paper that can be downloaded from this page explores how serious is the threat of climate change. Based on the assessment of the danger, the paper explores what actions we as Australians should be taking as part of the global effort to respond to climate change. It proposes a position for the Synod to adopt at the next Synod meeting in Feb 2020.


Submissions for this consultation have now closed.

Please send any feedback or requests for information about this consultation to

JIM Cluster Response to Submissions

The JIM Cluster has formed a response to the feedback provided and can be accessed below.

Download: JIM Cluster response to climate change submissions Nov 2020

Feedback was invited by written submission, e-mail or phone conversation. The JIM Cluster also hosted two online forums.

The Cluster was involved in three online forums in addition to the two it organised. One was organised jointly by Manningham Uniting Church, Koonung Heights Uniting Church and The Village Church Mt Eliza. Several congregations in the Port Phillip East Presbytery organised another. The third forum was with the Gippsland Presbytery.

The Cluster also met online with members from the Crossroads Uniting Church in Werribee.

The Cluster received 21 written submissions. One person requested their submission be kept confidential. With permission, submissions have been made available below:

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