Victoria Getting off Gas

Victoria’s gas sector makes up around 17% of its net greenhouse gas emissions, and is the most gas-dependent jurisdiction of any state or territory in Australia. While there is progress with the Victorian Government developing a Gas Substitution Roadmap, it falls short and locks the state in unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions for decades to come. Write to address Victoria’s gas dependency, and decouple the sector from corporate greed.


Opposing Fossil Fuel Projects

In order to be consistent with what we know about Climate Change, the Australian Government should not be approving new fossil fuel extraction projects as part of its contribution to limiting climate change to a 1.5oC average global temperature increase. We need the Labor Government to commit to not providing any government revenue to prop up new fossil fuel projects in Australia. Help us keep Australia on track with our commitments to curbing changes to our planet’s climate.


CommBank and fossil fuels

While CommBank has committed to not financing expansions of existing or new thermal coal projects, they still profiteer off fossil fuels despite the pressing need for huge declines in the use of coal, oil and gas. Write to make the need for renewable energy investment known, and press for a commitment to not fund any form of fossil fuel projects.


Curbing Fossil Fuel Projects

While society and most businesses are now moving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to stave off the worst impacts of climate change, the Commonwealth Government continues to want to intervene to prop up the ongoing use of fossil fuels. Much of the federal governments plants require support from the State Governments, this is where we can make our voices heard. Help us put pressure on State governments to prevent the Federal government propping up the live of coal-fired and gas power plants.


Illegal Logging Reforms

Illegal timber logging supports organised crime, perpetuates corruption, and leaves behind violence and destruction in forest countries and communities. Those who try to stop it often risk paying with their lives. Stopping illegal logging is essential to act on climate change, halt unsustainable forest destruction, ensure local communities are more likely to benefit from their forest resources, and to protect the lives of those who protest or call out illegal behaviour. Work with us to end illegal logging.


No more profiting from climate change

Australia’s major banks are amongst the corporations that still make significant contributions to propping up the use of fossil fuels. Help us to encourage the banks to take stronger action to stop supporting the use of fossil fuels and instead finance the shift we need to a net-zero emission future.


The Future must remain Renewable

Carbon capture and storage means trying to catch greenhouse gas emissions and store them, such as sealing them in underground caves. The Government has indicated its support for the recommendation. The JIM Cluster is deeply concerned that the recommendation will divert funds away from supporting the transition to renewable energy, to prop up fossil fuel corporations.


Illegal Logging Reforms

Illegal timber logging and trafficking facilitates organised crime, perpetuates corruption, and leaves behind violence and destruction in forest countries and communities. Those who try to stop it often risk paying with their lives. A report by Global Witness documented 227 deadly attacks on land defenders worldwide during 2020 alone. Help us to strengthen Australia’s laws and to take targeted action to against illegal logging.



Transition to Renewable Energy under threat

The Commonwealth Government has taken steps to divert funding earmarked to support the development and uptake of renewable energy to multinational fossil fuel corporations. They have introduced the Australian Renewable Energy Agency Amendment (2020 – 2021 Budget Programs) Regulations 2021, requiring the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to fund some projects run by fossil fuel corporations. It makes no sense to divert funding from renewable energy development to carbon capture and storage projects for fossil fuel operations.


Superannuations and Climate change

The moves towards a zero greenhouse gas emissions future will be hampered if investors keep backing fossil fuel projects and corporations. Therefore, it is disappointing that almost all superannuation funds remain heavily invested in fossil fuel corporations.