If sorry is what you mean, don’t intervene

‘The legislation under which we now live does not comply with international law. It is discriminatory. We are no longer equal to other Australians. We are no longer equal to you.’1

From a statement written by prominent elders from Northern Territory communities. Read the full statement here.

Four years on and the Northern Territory Intervention continues with communities and organisations still calling for changes to be made.

In 2007 the Federal Government rolled out extreme measures across Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory they claimed were in response to the accounts of child sexual abuse identified in the “Little Children are Sacred” report. Read up on the basics of the report and the beginning of the Intervention in our initial action from 2007 here

Four years on…
Four years on and the majority of the Intervention measures remain in place despite a change in government. Communities across the north are still struggling to deal with the restrictions and loss of control inflicted by the Intervention and many community leaders and prominent individuals and groups from within Australia and around the world have criticised the measures which include; income management, loss of community control, the one size fits all format, the watering down of the Racial Discrimination Act and the lack of genuine consultation.

Recently the Federal Government started on a new round of “consultations” with Aboriginal people at public meetings in regional centres and communities about “building on the work” of the intervention. These consultations have been criticised for not giving communities enough time to read and discuss the documents being focused on and for not taking into account language barriers.

Get informed about the Intervention and ask the Government to do right by NT Aboriginal communities by following our actions on the right hand side.